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In addition to our Executive Search capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help identify and attract professionals at the middle to upper levels of management across the spectrum of Healthcare including Medical and other technical professionals. Our innovative search process offers unrivalled access to active and passive candidate pools as well as industry’s richest data on salaries and employee engagement. We have the ability to match professional search candidates against best-in-class profiles while also gauging cultural fit. Under Professional Search, we cater to Medical and Technical Hiring, Mid-management Hiring. 


As a specialized Healthcare Executive Search firm, we ensure that we make time to listen to the needs of our clients in terms of the skill sets and expertise they require of their medical and technical personnel. Given our in-depth understanding and expertise in the industry, it is extremely easy for us to understand the nuances and specific requirements of our clients for any particular set of hires.  

The next step is to source candidates with relevant experience and technical prowess to understand their priorities and skills within the framework of the opportunities that exist with our clients. Our understanding of this sector enables us to source even ‘passive’ high performing candidates who would be direct fits with the requirements of our clients.   

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In any industry, and more so, in the healthcare sector, switching jobs is an extremely tricky proposition for mid-to-senior level executives. This also means that clients operating in this sector face challenges when searching for the best talent for this level. Mid-level executives often become ‘passive’ candidates, with the propensity of not reaching out to switch jobs even when the market seems welcoming. Despite these challenges, we at Qwazent are equipped and experienced to find talent in this segmentand match their skills to the exact requirements of our clients. We understand that mid-level executives seek better packages, better job responsibilities, and a company that would accelerate their growth both personally and professionally. Given our in-depth understanding of the industry, our connection with our clients, and a solid network, we ensure that our clients find the right match for this level. 

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