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Our Executive Search services are backed by our robust research methodology and in-depth industry knowledge bundled in an extremely agile and flexible delivery model. Our process involves a clear and strategic methodology that allows for everyone in the talentuniverse to be meticulously evaluated. We draw on our deep industry and functional knowledge to provide insight into executives and doctors who best fit our clients' unique organizational needs. Under Executive Search we cater to Leadership Hiring;Functional and Management Hiring; Cross Border Search.


Qwazent conducts search assignments for placement at the top-most levels of an organization. We help our clients to source and hire the crème of the leadership available across the healthcare sector – including Healthcare Delivery, Life Sciences, Medical Technology, and Allied Healthcare.  

Today healthcare is under tremendous pressure to offer more with less, making the hiring of top talent even more critical than ever before. Our team consists of experts who know exactly what to ‘look for’, while sourcing and assessing candidates for these strategic positions. We delve behind the apparent and analyse the true potential of the candidates not just to occupy the current positions, but also to help the company and themselves grow. Whatever the requirement of our clients, we have the network, skills, expertise, and drive to find the ‘perfect match’. 

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We pride ourselves in being experts in defining and identifying the best talent available globally irrespective of the management level, function, or role. We offer customised search services for this industry to help companies get the most talented executives at the functional and management levels. It is our aim to ensure we source and hire talent capable of advancing the mission and objectives of our client companies.  

Our knowledge management system is one of the largest and one-of-its-kind, in the healthcare industry. Our team of experts ensure that we conduct original and fresh research for every search assignment – irrespective of the function and management level.  


Our cross-border search is driven by our research capabilities across the globe, through our in-house expertise as well as through access tointernational healthcare alliances. 

Qwazent has, in the past, successfully executed Medical and Leadership positions across Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, UAE, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom and other European as well as South East Asian Countries. 


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We get to the core of executive search to bridge talent
and needs with solid mix of excellence,quality and quantity.

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