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Qwazent Talent Solutions is now part of Dimensions HRD Consultants (Media Coverage) is a proficient and leading Executive Search and consulting firm, providing services exclusively to the Banking and Financial services, Information Technology, Industrial and Manufacturing, Consumer Retail and Ecommerce, Analytics & Consulting and Healthcare sector. Our focus is to bring great leadership to the industry and in doing so we have become a trusted advisor to healthcare enterprises.  


Our mission is to serve the various Industries by finding the right talent for our clients in the most efficient, effective, and ethical manner. We achieve this through a combination of objective assessment strategies, a robust research methodology, and advanced utilization of technological platforms. Our vision is to evolve in to a technologically enabled and trusted search firm catering to the needs of the entire spectrum of the resecptive Industry. 



Nowadays, industries are facing increased pressure to do more with less, emphasizing the importance of recruiting top talent. Our team comprises skilled professionals who possess the knowledge and acumen required to source and assess candidates for strategic positions across various industries. We delve beyond superficial qualifications and evaluate the true potential of candidates, not only to fulfill their current roles but also to contribute towards the growth of their companies and themselves. We possess a broad network, diverse skill sets, and a passion for finding the ideal candidate to fulfill our clients' requirements.


In-depth Industry Experience

  • Thorough understanding of industry business dynamics 

  • Specialization in diverse industry’s sourcing and hiring 

  • Extensive coverage to source the industry for top talent 

  • An active and superior database of leaders attuned to various markets and cultures

Proven Methodologies Ensuring Consistent Success

  • Consulting expertise par excellence, complemented by research-validated methodologies 

  • A high performing team consisting of experts, adept at matching the skills of prospective candidates with the requirements of our clients 

  • Qualitative assessments to find the ‘right match’ 

  • Using technology innovatively to tap a vast network of leaders and professionals 

  • Proven strategies for consistent engagement with candidates and clients

  • Hand-pick leaders from other industries to fit-the-bill in prospect Industry.

  • A trusted name in the diverse industry network making it easier to engage with leaders at all levels

  • Commitment to excellence in service

High Engagement Levels

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We get to the core of executive search to bridge talent
and needs with solid mix of excellence,quality and quantity.

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