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Qwazent Health Search, Awarded the Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award at Smart Health Conference 2018

Qwazent Health Search was awarded the Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award for their significant contribution towards the healthcare sector at Smart Health Conference 2018, held at Raffles, Dubai on November 13-14, 2018.

Qwazent Health Search is a proficient and leading healthcare focused executive search firm, providing services exclusively to the healthcare industry including (but not limited to) Healthcare Delivery System, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and other Allied Healthcare Service Companies.

When asked how she feels about receiving the award, Dr. Shruti Nath, Mentor and Director at Qwazent Health Search remarked, “Thank you so much. I am really feeling elated and very happy for my company that we were able to receive this award in the completion of just 2 years of our company. So getting an award in a global platform with Smart Health means a lot to us and makes difference to our company. This, in turn, inspires others to move forward and reach out and try to be on a similar platform in their own company’s journey”. Regarding their contribution to the healthcare industry, she further commented, “Our company started with a search module for the healthcare sector. We are the first and only female healthcare search firm out of India”.

Their all-female team comprises experts with the right balance of commitment and experience required to bridge the gap between talent and demand for this challenging industry. They have successfully placed CXOs and other mid to senior level personnel including medical professionals for large organizations in India, Finland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and other South East Asian as well as European countries.

Smart Health Conference 2018, referred by some as the year’s most exciting conference concept, brought together the who’s who of healthcare and technology industries on a single platform. The second edition ended with the promise of a bigger and better event, next time around.



Image by Ivan Gromov


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