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It's time to take steps! Creating the Best Talent Strategy for IT in India and the UAE!

Qwazent Talent Solutions can assist businesses in overcoming this obstacle.

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A major challenge for many Human Resource (HR)professionals and recruiters in India & UAE is finding IT talent. There are multiple efficient approaches to finding IT talent.Finding skilled individuals for vacant roles is difficult for information technology companies in India & UAE.

In the UAE, nearly seventy percent (70%) of IT companies stated that they found it tough to find employees in the previous year,

According to #Qwazent_Talent_Solution.80% of firms say it is challenging to find and hire technical knowledge.

A little bit more than half of respondents said there was some form of skills shortage, particularly in high-skilled occupations.

What were the recruitment challenges that your company faced in the past year?

-Lack of professional experience;

-Lack of basic technical skills

-Lack of Critical Soft Skills

-Lack of required qualifications

- Insufficient applicant interest in the role and job type

-An overall lack of applicants in general


Image by Ivan Gromov


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