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Dear Reader, 

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and talent pool for entrusting us, with the responsibility of advising and helping them in bringing the two of them together. We at Qwazent believe that the gap in the talent pool of Healthcare Industry can be fulfilled by focusing on the entire value chain of Health Care industry and deep sectoral understanding. We aim to be the long-term partners for our clients and life – long career counsels for the talent pool, wherein our relationship does not end with just full filling a need/vacancy, but making sure that both sides continue to enjoy their relationship as well as both people and organisations succeed.  

As a mentor to a highly dedicated and hardworking team at Qwazent, it is overwhelming to see it evolving from a start-up, to an established executive search team dedicated to Healthcare and now serving a broad spectrum of clients not only in India but even internationally. 

Team Qwazent is committed to nurture the talent pool and understands deeply, the DNA of the respective organisations enabling them to bring the ‘best fit’ as an when the need arises. Our long-term goal is to make the Healthcare Search process efficient, transparent, and scalable.  

Qwazent would continue to work hard to win the trust of its clients and talent pool, with its dedication towards focusing on the Healthcare Industry.  

Dr Shruti Nath 

Founding Director & Mentor 

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Dr Shruti Nath is the Founding Director & Mentor of Qwazent Health Search. She took over the reins of Qwazent when it transitioned from its previous avatar to its current form by the name of Qwazent. She not only invested capital into the business but also has been the mentor to the team and provider of strategic direction for the business.  

As a consumer of Healthcare herself, she always felt the need of fulfilling the gap of talent across the value chain of Healthcare Delivery. She observed that there was a ‘missing link’ between the healthcare industry professionals and the healthcare providers in the big cities & metros. There was even a shortfall of healthcare professionals in the Tier II & III towns of the country where now the physical infrastructure is gaining presence, but the healthcare professionals continue to flock the metros & bigger cities. With these objectives she first invested into Qwazent as an anchor investor and later decided to take active role and transitioned it into that ‘missing link’ - a dedicated Healthcare Search firm, catering to the healthcare segment not only across the country but even across the globe. 


Dr. Nath has a diversified profile, she is an academician, mentor to start ups, and an organic farmer. She has a PhD in English Literature and is as a published writer, having authored the book “Mulk Raj Anand-Delineation of the Disadvantaged”. Dr. Nath taught English at the School of Law, Ansal University. Post founding Qwazent she completed ‘Advanced Certificate in Executive Search & Leadership Consulting course with Cornell University ILR School.  

Dr Shruti Nath 

Founding Director & Mentor 

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